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Anonymous asked
whats ramadan like?



all day:

10 minutes before iftar: 

Iftar time:

10 minutes after iftar:

on the way home from taraweeh:

2 minutes before fajr:

This is so accurate it’s scary

When you are sick, delicious food doesn’t taste good to you. Why? Because you are sick and there is nothing wrong with the food. The pleasure of praying is the same thing. We don’t understand how great the taste of true prayer is because we have diseased souls that are preventing us from experiencing the amazing pleasure of salat.


Promises (2001) / Faris Odeh was shot to death by an Israeli soldier on November 9, 2000 in Gaza during the Second Intifada as he crouched down to pick up another stone.

(Source: standwithpalestine)


Preparations for the Pope, just another reason to squelch Palestinian speech. But Palestinian activists will continuing expressing their right to return! in Bethlehem .
Dear Pope Francis, I hope that you like the fresh coat of paint the Jewish State has applied to the Wall that imprisons the Palestinian people, Muslim and Christian alike! In honor of your visit, they would have you believe that the “Crown of Thorns” was solid Gold!